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International community has accepted GoI’s last year’s Aug 5 decision, hailed it too, People will defeat politics of deceit

Srinagar, Aug 25: Bhartiya Janata Party J&K spokesman Altaf Thakur while reacting to the assertions made by the National Conference chief Dr Farooq Abdullah that Kashmir has got internationalized as never before post August 5 last year, stated that these were just assumptions and nothing except fairy tales.
Thakur in a statement issued here said that Dr Farooq being a veteran politicians shouldn’t speak in such a tone which a common man in J&K can’t digest and instead he should accept the ground reality that J&K is completely an inseparable part of Union of India.
Thakur said that post August 5 last year, J&K is on the path of development, peace and prosperity and the party headed by Dr Farooq have been looting the people’s resources and filing their own coffers. “This party has been raising hollow slogans of autonomy and befooling people over the past 70- years just to grab the power,” Thakur said.
The BJP leader said the fact is that the global community has accepted the historic decision taken by the GoI on August 5 last year and that the focus of the international community is that New Delhi should get back the part of Kashmir which is under the occupation of Pakistan. “The fact of the matter is that parties like NC have been playing politics over article 370 and 35-A and when GoI rolled back these articles to ensure J&K’s integration within the Union of India, people like Dr Farooq are feeling frustrated,” Thakur said, adding that “by sitting in the parliament, taking GoI’s salary and now speaking about policies and decisions of Centre doesn’t suit a politicians who has been in police over the past many decades.”
Thakur said that the international community has accepted the GoI’s last year’s August 5 decision and also hailed the same.  About the Gupkar declaration, Thakur said now that the regional political parties like NC, PDP and others are left with no option, they have started playing politics again and Gupkar declaration is another poll plank to befool people of J&K to grab power. “There is no question of playing with the emotions of people of J&K again. People of J&K are wise enough and they very much understand the political gimmicks and won’t fall into the trap of these parties again,” he said.

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