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Srinagar, Apr 22, KNT: At a time when Covid-19 threat has forced scores of people from Kashmir to take refuge in different parts of India and abroad, two blind girls from North Kashmir stuck in New Delhi are pinning hopes on Jammu Kashmir Government for evacuation. Being blind, both these girls are finding it really very hard to survive in an environment incompatible for them.

Twenty-four years old Khalida Yousuf and 25 year old Zahida Lone are stuck at two different places in New Delhi. Khailda hails from Door Sopore while Zahida is the resident of Anwar Abad Kupwara area of North Kashmir.

“I study at NIETTVD Dehradun that is a school for blind. I am doing a course there. I was supposed to take a flight on 24 March but due to suspension of air and surface traffic, I got stuck and thankfully, a friend of mine at Pratab Bagh Sangam Park in New Delhi provided me shelter. I am completely dependent on them. My family members are helpless to take me back to home,” Khalida told KNT over phone.

She said from past four weeks she is in New Delhi and desperately wants to go home. “I am blind and you can understand my problem,” she said and asked this Reporter to make a vehement appeal to Kashmir administration to take her back to home.

Another blind girl Zahida also narrated her ordeal and is keen to reach home but is stuck at National Association for the Blind Hostel in RK Puram New Delhi. “We are two Kashmiri students stuck here and want to go home. There seems to be no light at the end of tunnel. I am disappointed. So many students got help from Kashmir government but it didn’t care for those who are downtrodden and physically disable,” she said. (KNT)

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