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Two men extract liver of seven-year-old girl for Rs 1000 in Kanpur

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur a 7 year-old girl was found dead in the night after Diwali, with her liver extracted.

The police according to NDTV suspect that the accused also tried to rape her.

A childless couple in the 7 year-old’s village paid ₹ 1,000 to two men, who are neighbours of the girl, to perform an occult ritual so that the couple could have children.

The two men allegedly kidnapped the girl on Diwali night. The men, drunk, first tried to rape her and then killed her, the police said.

After this, they allegedly extracted the liver from the girl’s body and took it to the couple as part of the ‘ritual’.

Some other body parts could also have been extracted, the police said.

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