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Lady dies during surgery in Shifa hospital Srinagar,

Family alleges negligence, vandalizes hospital property

Police use lathi charge and teargas shelling to disperse the angry protestors

Srinagar, Oct 21, KDC: Protests erupted in Shifa Hospital Srinagar, after a young lady died during the surgery, on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to news agency KDC, a 32 year old young lady, identified as Dilshada, a resident of Salfia Colony Srinagar was admitted in the hospital for Gallstone and was being operated by the doctors ; however according to her relatives she died.

Immediately after the death of the lady, her relatives turned violent and vandalized hospital property and the vehicles parked outside the hospital.

They were alleging that the lady died due to the negligence of doctors, who operated her when she was having an infection, which caused her death.

Eyewitness’ said that the protestors were so charged that they entered the hospital rooms and damaged whatever property that came in their way, upon which the medical and para-medical staff fled from the hospital.

“The terrified indoor as well as outdoor patients were left at the mercy of God, “they said.

They said that Police arrived at the scene and to prevent law and order situation from worsening, used lathi charge and teargas shelling to disperse the angry protestors.

Meanwhile, Hospital authorities while clarifying their version on the death of the lady said that the lady had developed pancreatic complications which can prove fatal sometimes. (KDC)