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Writer: Eijaz Mir

A famous quotation, “an ordinary teacher tells, a good teacher explains and an extraordinary teacher inspires”. This quotation reminds me of 5th September, a warm welcome to all the teachers living on the blue planet, earth. 

The world would have been full of wilderness without our teachers. A teacher is a person who changes raw material into a finished good. A teacher is a person who moulds the wildest sort of behaviour into an civic personality. If our parents are our biological father’s but our teachers are our spiritual father’s.

There is no pious profession without the profession of a teacher. A teacher gives birth to all the elite professions like doctors, engineer’s, scholars, businessmen etc. A teacher is a spiritual hero who shapes our character and future. A teacher draws out the best even from the subconscious behaviour of students.

A teacher is a human being in shape but he is not less than an angel. He is God’s best ever gift on the earth. He is a huge inspiration to us. He is the real hero on the planet earth, who tirelessly works on his sacred mission. A teacher sets high goals for his students. He wishes the grand success for his pupils. He sets a concrete aims and goals for them. He wishes them the life of princesses. He treats them like his own sons and daughters.

He celebrates the success of his students. He wishes them to achieve milestones. That is what defines the real character of an extraordinary teacher. On every 5th September, the world teachers day is celebrated with charming note in the four corners of the world. This day is celebrated to provide huge applause and grand appreciation to them and their sacred mission.

The dedication of a teacher is undoubtedly a huge sacrifice which could not be expressed in words.Their role of shaping a society and future of students is bound to their unending and unbound work. They deserve all grand rewards for the tireless work they do to raise and bring out the best for the betterment of society. That is why 5th September is undoubtedly a remarkable day for the grand celebration. In other words, teachers day is celebrated for a huge and special purpose.

The purpose of love, the students show for their teachers. On this auspicious day, all the teachers are heartily welcomed for the pious work and mission. It is the mission of love, peace and success. The mission they endorse is really the mission of valuable principles in which many ignorant souls lit up with and produce laurels. The personality development is impossible without the contribution of our teachers. We are morally upgraded by their golden wisdom and thought. They motivated us and developed our mental health.

The profession of a teacher is engulfed with humility, love, patience and passion. The work of a teacher comprises of huge sacrifices. On every passing day, a teacher has to show miracles. He has to act like an actor. He can not be passive in his role. He has to apply new methods, strategies and policies while imparting education to the students. He has to design new lesson plans for the effective learning and teaching.

He is a role model of students. So, a teacher could not act like a common person. He has a big challenge on every step and he has to act like a superman. Obviously, there is no doubt in the fact that a student is treating him like a superman. That is why this profession is like Godly and very sacred. The role of a teacher is awesome, gorgeous and inspiring.

They formed a roadmap of excellency for us so that we could not go astray. Our teachers lifted us in the sky and we fly like birds.

This is the treasure and asset of their ultimate contribution. They taught us the manners, discipline and way to live a life full of pleasure and fun. They crafted us from the wise thoughts and wisdom they occupy. All our happiness is interlinked with them because they buried the material of joy, a ray of hope way before inside us. They taught us how to live a prosperous life.

They guided us in a positive way. That is why, today we are comfortable and happy. In fact, whatever we have achieved in our lives is the gift of our teachers. Our wilder behaviours and way to failures have been moulded by our teachers and pave a smooth way to our grand successes. Our real heroes are our spiritual father’s i.e, our teachers. They build our intelligent quotient and spiritual character. They raise a new light within us. They provide a glowing light to our inner consciousness. They lit a ray of new hope within us. They give correct shape to our character building and right vision to eye sights.They illuminated us with the light of knowledge, education and wisdom. That is why a token of respect is given to them in the form of teachers day on 5th September, every year.

They really deserve much more love, appreciation and respect. On every year, 5th September remembers us the sacrifice of our teachers towards us. Hats off to your tireless work and huge dedication.

As it is well said , ” a job of a teacher is not everybody’s cup of tea. It requires huge mental strength and patience. The intelligent quotient of a teacher should be high and enough strong. The job of a teacher requires high levels of determination and will power. A teacher should be mentally enough strong to tackle the problems of students. His job requires huge patience as well. He has to deal all sorts of behaviours in the classroom. He should be occupied with excellent mind setup to sort out such behaviours and readdress them. Since those students are enough lucky who could applause their teachers on this teachers day, celebrated on 5th September.

The teachers day is celebrated world wide on this day to welcome their tireless efforts. On this auspicious day we should give rewards to our adorable teachers as a token of love and respect. As they had sacrificed their lives in shaping us. They had been with us shoulder to shoulder since from years. They motivated us and give us life full of pleasure.

They kept us illuminated with real wisdom and knowledge and kept us in the race of huge competition. Finally we came on the winning note. They always felt proud for our grand success. That is why we need to celebrate this beautiful and gorgeous moment, teachers day with high spirits.

The writer is a freelancer and can be reached at [email protected]

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