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Syllabus for Multiple Choice Based Written test for the post of
Junior Assistant.

The Syllabus for the multiple choice test for the posts of Jr. Assistants advertised
vide Noti cation No. 03 of 2020, dated: June 26, 2020, is hereby noti ed as under:

100 Marks/100 Minutes
A. English: 50 Marks
1. Types of communication – verbal and non-verbal, formal, non-formal.
2. Articles a, an, the.
3. Rearranging of words/sentences to form a meaningful sentences/paragraph.
4. Verb.
5. Active, passive sentences/voices.
6. Answer the given questions from a given paragraph (Comprehension).
7. Synonym & antonym.
8. Noun and Pro-noun.
9. Tenses.
B. General Ability: 25 Marks
1. Reasoning:
i. Number series-one line series.
ii. Letter series.
iii. Coding-decoding.
a. Letter Coding.
b. Letter and numerical coding.
c. Coding using position, number and alphabet.
C. Basic Concepts of Computers: 25 Marks
1. Components of computer, Hardware & Software.
2. Operating System.
3. Types of storage units – Primary & Secondary Memory.
4. Memory size (bits, bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB).
5. Basic shortcut commands.
6. Email & Internet.
7. Virus & anti-viruses.

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