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ACB registers Disproportionate Assets case against Mohd Shafi Dar, the then AEE R&B Kupwara: Searches conducted, properties worth crores detected.

Anti-Corruption Bureau registered a case FIR No. 01/2021 in Police Station ACB Baramulla against Mohd Shafi Dar, the then AEE R&B Kupwara (now retired) under section 5(1) (e) r/w 5(2) J&K PC Act. Svt. 2006.

2. The instant case was registered on the basis of a verification to look into the allegations of raising assets disproportionate to known sources of income of Mohd Shafi Dar, the then AEE R&B Kupwara.

3. The suspect officer has accumulated huge assets in the shape of immoveable/movable properties in his own name and in the name of other family members which includes immovable properties worth crores in Srinagar, Sopore and Bandipora and movable properties in the shape of cars and other luxurious household items. The value of the assets found in possession of public servant and his family members and the expenditure incurred by him is grossly disproportionate to his known sources of income which constitute offences punishable u/s 5(1)(e) r/w 5(2) J&K PC Act Svt. 2006.

3. During the course of investigation, search warrants were obtained from the Hon’ble Court. In compliance to the warrants issued by the Hon’ble Court, searches were conducted at Bandipora and Srinagar. The search teams found and seized incriminating documents relating to un-accounted wealth/assets acquired by the accused by resorting to corrupt practices.

4. Further investigation of the case is going on.

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