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To what extent will people’s expectations be met? Safina Baig

We are all well aware that in the recent DDC elections, a new face has emerged who has won victories over
experienced Politicians. One of the new faces from whom we have a lot There are hopes whose name is Ms.Safina Baig who is not only a lawyer but also a politician.

I am well aware of her political career. People

have voted for him and made him successful by a majority and know that if there is a person working for us,
it is only Safina Baig who has the power to meet our demands. Promises made to the extent that it will
succeed in fulfilling those promises. It will be known in due course but we are confident that the promises
they have made will come true. That is because they have the skills that they will use to the fullest for the
benefit of the people. Be able to run your family. His good thoughts are good with the people and not with
them from bribery and neither is the political rule in the village but only with the truth. I have been in touch
with her for the last Seven years. She is a very pure hearted woman, who understands the pain of the
people, who always speaks the truth and does not take or give bribes. The remaining MLA’s did not pay
attention to the construction work and did not do what they were supposed to do. That is why our Assembly
Constituency got worse and worse day by day and lagged behind the rest of the Assembly Constituency.
Although the leaders who remained were not ordinary leaders but high level leaders who misused the
people to take advantage of them, but even if the hopes of the people are not shattered again, they should
not be disappointed in the same way. Like the ministers did to the people in the past. It remains to be seen
whether the promises made to the people will be ignored, as the politicians who have lived with us have
done, and the injustice done to the people will not be seen again. Want because people know that this time
we did not vote on the basis of any party nor did we support anyone’s request but we have succeeded by
voting for the caste of Safina Baig. Now we have to see what people do now. We will not be disappointed
again and again. In the future, the destiny of the people may change. To what extent is it right and to what
extent is it wrong? Time will wait.But this time people have all their hopes with you so that people don’t have to despair

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