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“9 militants Surrendered this year”

Srinagar, November 10 (KNS) : GOC Kilo Force H S Sahai today said that 40 to 45 foreign militants are in north Kashmir.
“We have launched back to back operations. We are not allowing them to strike anywhere,” he said on the sidelines of Foot Tournament final in Bandipora.
” We got major success in whipping out North Kashmir militant leadership. There is presence of militants in whole valley. In north kmr militants are also there. We have been able to maintain peace here.
I want to assure people that we won’t allow militants to strike which would disturb peace,” according to KNS correspondent.

Regarding a question about restoration of 4G in Bandipora for witnessing minimum Militantcy activities, he said, “4G decesion will be taken at higher level. Whenever they have to take decesion, they will take it after looking at all parameters.”

On being asked about the security situation for DDC polls, he said, ” We want elections to be peaceful so that people can exercise their democratic right peacefully”
He sought cooperation from Kashmiri youth in development of Kashmir.

“Kashmiri youth has important role. We want their cooperation in development of J&K. Some people who have gone astray and picked up gun should come back and join mainstream.”

On a question about recent infiltration attempts by militants, he said, “two days before there was an Infiltration attempt. Our reports say 250 to 300 militants are in launching pads. Security grid is in place to thrawat their any infiltration attempt.”

He also said to make another surrender policy better, Government is taking various steps.
“Surender policy is there. There was 1997 policy which was later ammended. Lot of militants surendered with that policy.

A policy was also there for those who went across for training to allow them to return back. Now to make these surrender policy better, govt is taking various steps. 9 locals boys surrendered this year. More boys are expected to surrender in future.”
He also said it was good to see enthusiasm among players and spectators regarding the sports in Bandipora.(KNS)