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Ganderbal 29 October [VN]: Senior Bjp Leader Ruheena Shahzad greets the nation on  Eid-e-milad, the birthday of prophet Muhammed . “‘His message of universal brotherhood and compassion inspires us to work for well being of all. May there be peace all around .

In a message Ruheena Shahzad said that the prophet was born on the 12th day of Rabi ul Awwal which is the third month of the islamic lunar calendar in Mecca in 570 CE.  On this day , humans are sung in praise of the prophet and it is commonly believed that listening to those will make one receive worldly and heavenly reward.  

This month of Rabi ul Awwal  marks the Milad ul nabi (SAW) observance provides us an opportunity to pray , seek forgiveness and blessing  for the almighty  and imbue our lives with the teaching of holy messenger of islam (SAW).

She prayed to Allah to give us wisdom and guide us on the path of  dedicating ourselves to the teachings of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) [VN].