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Writing for her is the utmost part of life, the moment when she feel energized, the flow of eternal gush and power of touching the depths. What makes her write is the life all the way, which she can say what she write is the reflection of life on her and later turns into assigned verses.

Ayieena Altaf Lone is from pattan Baramulla J&K and she have passed her 12th from medical, she is currently a NEET aspirant. Besides academic, she love writing.

In her writing, she put the savor that touches the chords of heart, as she write within the deep contemplation and observation. For her writing is all that nourishes her soul, keeps her imagination unbound and gives wings to fly the heights.

Since her school days she have been writing. For her, writing is what feels stillness in breathing. she think that words used rightly and divinely have the power to heal the unhealed ones. Apart from becoming a doctor, she ‘ve eternal aim of becoming a great Author.

Although she ‘ve written many poems and she is Co-Author of 4 books
Wizards we, the Sophist, My superhero my Dad, Not every girl is born to be a Bride , currently Compiling book DAWNING DUSKS and going to be an Author soon while she is keen to see her book getting published.

She is also Founder of youth based organization Talent quest which is working for the betterment of society.