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Students of 11th Standard demands mass promotion

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Due to present alarming worldwide covid_19 pandemic the entire humanity is facing stressful challenges. Especially the education sector is affected so badly that all the students are at the verge of depression since last couple of days when JK BOSE announced mass promotion in favour of the students of 11th grade including the students of 1st to 9th standard but only in Jammu zone that is the half of UT Of J&K and Kashmir zone has totally neglected.I wanted to bring it your kind notice that you sincerely paid attention to Jammu division students issue and brought about their mass promotion.
they were still having 4 months to prepare but we poor souls have only one month left .we the students of Kashmir faced the same problem and no heed is being paid to our issues. The most important problem in the conduction of board exams is that the life of the students, there parents as well as the examination invigilators would be at stake due do covid_19 pendemic

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