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Delay in resolution of issues confronting teaching community unfortunate….
JK Teachers forum expressed concern on delay in resolution of issues of teaching fraternity and called for early redressal of all pending issues at an earliest. In a statement senior EJAC leader and chairman jk teachers forum Mohd Rafique Rather said that teaching fraternity of school education is confronted with some serious and legtimate issues which are pending with the department for long and no headway is seen so for.He said that scores of Grdade 2 and Grade 3 teachers are waiting for their regularisation and irony is that they have not been paid their due salary for 18 months with the result they are suffering for not fault of theirs inspite of performing duties in difficult situations.Rather said that only assurances are given to them but on ground nothing concrete has come out.He said that Masters promoted long back are still waiting for the confirmation of their services and hundreds of head teachers are waiting for their adjustment but there is nobody to listen to their woes. He expressed surprise that those promoted as incharge lecturers in 2019 in science stream are waiting for their adjustment while as their counterparts in jammu have already been adjusted.
Mr.Rafique Rather expressed dismay on the working of the deparment which has made thousands of incharge lecturers to suffer for want of confirmation of their services and added that these officers are made to go through difficult process of completing their files under each dispensation.He said that inspite of SAC order and clearcut orders from worthy chief secretary for their time bound confirmation, department of education is sleeping on their files with the result these incharge officers ,lecturers, headmasters,ZEOs, Principal and CEOs are badly suffering and some of them have either retired from services or even expired without being regularised. Mr.Rafique Rather urged upon the goverenment to immediately confirm these officials and fix the responsibilty and initiate action aganist those responsible for unnecessary harrasment of teaching community by delaying the confirmation process on one pretext or the other.
Rather impressed upon the goverenment to grant charge allowence in favour of those promoted officers who are working in their own pay and grade calling it injustice and aganist the supreme court ruling of “equal pay for equal work” and urged for grant of charge allowence in their favour till their confirmation.
Rather expressed hope that worthy Principal secretary education and DSEK/DSEJ will take these issues on priority and will direct concerned officers to expedite the process for redressal of all these problems at an earliest to relieve the teaching fraternity from unwarnted confusion and trauma.

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