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Muskaan is the new smile for the people of Ganderbal by her achievement

Sofi Ayaz


Muskaan has been in the media for the right reasons in the recent past as she won “Her Rising Awards 2020” for which she was nominated earlier.

Hailing from Arampora village of Ganderbal Mir Muskan-un-Nisa, is research scholar at SKUAST, Kashmir pursuing research in medicinal plants.

She has a lot of interest in medicinal plants and this love for the environment has made her researcher in the same field at SKUAST-K.

Muskaan was declared winner in India’s largest career fair for women in the starter category among over one thousand candidates. The award ceremony was scheduled to be held at Bangalore, however, due to COVID-19 it was held online. Muskaan while talking to our reporter narrated her wish and hard work to achieve her goal.

She has a lot of dreams and her ambitions in her field are the driving force for her to pursue more in her research work. Muskaan has a cocoon of her family around her along with friends and colleagues who nudge and encourage her to pursue her dreams in the research.

Her recent award is an inspiration for all those girls in the remote villages of Ganderbal who want to pursue their dreams and move in life forward with all vigor.

True to her name she has brought smiles not only for her family and her friends but also for all those girls who have the dreams but are looking for the wings to fly.

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