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JK SPAM Vice President Waqar H Bhatti demanded opening of Mughal Road, threatned to launch mass agitation if road is not opened within 48 hours

Ashfaq Lone

JAMMU 22 Sep :…… The Jammu and Kashmir Socio Polital Activist Movement Vice President Waqar H Bhatti had demanded opening of Mughal Road i.e connecting Pir Panjal region with Kashmir, that remained closed since from last one year.

In a press statement JK SPAM Vice President Waqar H Bhatti said that government failed in opening of Mughal Road since from last year. Adding that Government announced Unlockdown across whole country and opens all routes for vehicular movement but its very unfortunate that government is neglecting the opening of Mughal raod that shows the stepmother behaviour with general public of PirPanjal and Kashmir.

Waqar H Bhatti urged upon LG Manoj Sinha and demanded early opening of mughal road for vehicular movement with in 48 hours otherwise a massive agitation will be launched and government will be resopnsible for the same in case of any untoward incident is happened during protest demonstration.

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