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Constitution of Task Forces for implementation of
National Education Policy, 2020.
Government Order No.845-JK(GAD) of 2020
Sanction is hereby accorded to the constitution of two
Task Forces, comprising the following, for identifying the specific
measures and initiatives required to be taken in respect of
implementing the National Education Policy, 2020:-

I. NEP 2020 Task Force on Higher Education:
1 A 1 Shri K.K. Sharma, Advisor to Hon’ble I Chairman. 1 1 Lieutenant over nor
i) 1 Vice Chancellors of all Universities of Member(s)
iii) Commissioner/Secretary to the Member
I 1 J&K both Central and UT.
ii) Deans/Directors of other Central

1 Institutes of Jammu and Kashmir such


Government, Higher Education –
Three Principals each from Jammu
province and Kashmir province to be
nominated by the ~overnment.
Six Academicians to be nominated by
Mem ber(s)
The Task Force shall be serviced by the Higher Education

  1. NEP 2020 Task Force on School Education and
    Skill Development.
    . .
    1 the Government.
    1 Department.
    1 i) 1 Director, School
    Director, RUSA
    Director Colleges,
    B Principal Secretary to the
    Government, School Education
    1 ~ashmir/lamrnu.
    . .
    ii) I Director, Skill Development, J&K I Member

g, iii
iv) 1 Project Director, Samagra Shiksha. / Member
1 nominated by the Government I
The Task Force shall be serviced by the School Education
Department and Director, School Education, Jammu shall be the
Member Secretary.
‘The terms of reference of these Task Forces shall
be as under:
Four Academicians to be nominated by
the Government
Four Principals from the
GovernmentIPrivate Schools to be
i) To examine the provisions of NEP 2020 and
identify specific measures to be taken for
implementing these in Jammu and Kashmir;
ii) To assess the academic and training requirements
for its implementation;
iii) To suggest structural reforms that may be needed
for its implementation;
iv) To assess manpower and financial requirements
for its implementation.
V) To suggest procedural and policy changes that
need to be made in achieving the objectives of
NEP 2020;
By Order of the Lieutenant Governor.
(Malik &hail)
D uty Secretary to the Government
No: GAD(Adm)l17/2020-IV & Dated: 10.09.2020
Copy to the:- ‘909

  1. Principal Secretary to the Government School Education/Skill Development
  2. Principal Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor.
  3. Joint Secretary (J&K), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  4. Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir/Jammu.
  5. Commissioner/Secretary to the Government, Higher Education Department.
  6. Director Information, J&K.
  7. Director, School Education, Jammu/Kashmir.
  8. Director, Archives, Archaeology & Museums.
  9. Director, RUSA, J&K
  10. Director, Skill Development, J&K.
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