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Date Sheet For BUMS Final Year (Annual) Examination Session:- October, 2020

Date Sheet
BUMS Final Year (Annual) Examination Session:- October, 2020.

Venue:- Humanities Block.
Time:- 11.00 a.m. University of Kashmir, Srinagar
Date BUMS Final Year
01/10/2020 Moalijat (Medicine)-I (A)
05/10/2020 Moalijat (Medicine)-I (B)
08/10/2020 Moalijat (Medicine)-II (A)
12/10/2020 Moalijat (Medicine)-II (B)
15/10/2020 Jarahat-A
(General Surgery)
19/10/2020 Jarahat-B
(Systemic Surgery)
22/10/2020 Amraz Ain,Uzan, Anaf Wa Halaq
(ENT OPthalmology & Dentistry)
27/10/2020 Amraze Niswan
31/10/2020 Ilmul Qabala-Wa-Namalood Obstetrics/Paediatrics
No:F(Date Sheet BUMS Final)KU/2020
Assistant Controller of Examinations
(Professional Conduct)
Copy to:-

  1. Principal, Institute of Asian Medical Sciences, Zakura / Kashmir Tibbia College, Srinagar for information;
  2. Deputy Controller of Examinations, University of Kashmir;
  3. Assistant Controller (Examination Stationery/Secrecy/Transit) University of Kashmir;
  4. Media Advisor, University of Kashmir for wide publicity through Print and Electronic Media;
  5. System Engineer, for information and necessary action;
  6. Private Secretary to Controller of Examinations;
  7. Chief Proctor, University of Kashmir, Srinagar;
  8. Incharge Humanities Block, University of Kashmir for information;
  9. Enquiry Cell/ Notice Board /File.
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