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Ganderbal 28 August 2020 [VN]. Senior BJP leader Ruheena shahzad visited rain affected areas in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

The rainfall has caused huge damage in areas (like chountwaliwar village)to roads, houses and lands which are being used for agricultural purposes.

While on her visit to these Areas, people appealed the administration to help them to get out of the sufferings like power issues,Water supply issues etc.

She assured the people living in these areas that her efforts will be to reduce their tensions.

She was told that the crops were hit by the rains in the last few days. The roads have also been damaged by the flood-causing rains.

Ruheena along with other party leaders checked road conditions, several houses, affected by the floods in chountwaliwar village.

The BJP leader demanded that the government should take some necessary measures to ease the sufferings of people affected by the floods [VN].

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