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Subject: Filling up of unfilled seats in GMC, Jammu and ASCOMS, Jammu.
Reference: (i) Notice No. 003-BOPEE of 2020 dated 26-02-2020
(ii) Notice No. 008-BOPEE of 2020 dated 06-03-2020
(iii) Notification No. 07-BOPEE of 2020 dated 10-04-2020
(iv) Notification No. 009-BOPEE of 2020 dated 03-05-2020.
(v) Notification No. 011-BOPEE of 2020 dated 14-05-2020.
(vi) Notification No. 012-BOPEE of 2020 dated 19-05-2020.
(vii) Notice No. 032-BOPEE of 2020 dated 22-05-2020.
(viii) Public Notice No. MCI-7(10)/10/2020-Legal/10310/102394 dated 28-052020 from MCI.
(ix) Notification No. 015-BOPEE of 2020 dated: 04-06-2020.

(x) Notice No. 038-BOPEE of 2020 dated 02-07-2020.
(xi) Notice No. 40-BOPEE of 2020 dated 15-07-2020.
(xii) Letter No. V.11012/15/2020-MEP dated 14-07-2020 from Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
Government of India.
(xiii) Notification No. 17-BOPEE of 2020 dated 15-07-2020.
(xiv) Notification No. 18-BOPEE of 2020 dated 18-07-2020.
(xv) Notification No. 19-BOPEE of 2020 dated 20-07-2020.
(xvi) Notification No. 20-BOPEE of 2020 dated 23-07-2020.
(xvii) Notification No. 21-BOPEE of 2020 dated 28-07-2020.
(xviii) Public Notice No. MCI-7(10)/10/2020-Legal/10310/112228 dated 30-07-2020.
(xix) Notification No. 22-BOPEE of 2020 dated 17-08-2020.
Notification No. 24-BOPEE of 2020 Dated 27-08-2020
In pursuance of Notification No. 22-BOPEE of 2020 dated 17-08-2020, the physical round of counselling has been
held at BOPEE Office, Srinagar/Jammu from 25-08-2020 to 27-08-2020. Consequent upon the said counselling,
it is hereby notified that the following candidates are hereby upgraded/allotted discipline/colleges as shown
against each herein below:-

1 2066070855 NANNI SLATHIA 676 13377 122 MD General Medicine GMC-J MD Pediatrics GMC-J OM
2 2066070569 SAHIL SALGOTRA 629 20116 203 MS General Surgery GMC-J MD General Medicine GMC-J OM
3 2066141941 MUBASHIR KHALIQ 522 39709 454 MS ENT GMC-J MS General Surgery GMC-J OM
4 2066142058 FARKHANDA MAJEED 496 45425 531 MD Pathology GMC-S MS ENT GMC-J OM
5 2066005241 NADIA RASHID 481 48693 577 MD Pathology GMC-J MD Pathology GMC-S OM
6 2066138028 ANIL KUMAR SHARMA 458 54181 643 MD Pathology ASCOMS-J MD Pathology GMC-J OM
7 2066070980 RAFIA YAQOOB 310 99498 MD Pathology ASCOMS-J OM
Candidates so provisionally selected shall report to their respective allotted Colleges/institutions upto 30th
August, 2020 4.00 p.m. along with all requisite documents/certificates. The Heads of Colleges/Institutions are
requested to furnish the list of the candidates, who have joined against the allotted/upgraded seats on 31-08-
2020 upto 12.00 p.m. positively through email [email protected]
The Head of the College/Institution is also requested to allow the candidates to join against the allotted
disciplines through online mode in view of Covid-19. Further, they are requested to keep the admission
departments of their respective Colleges/Institutions open on account of holidays falling on 29-08-2020 and
30-08-2020 also to enable the candidates to join against the allotted discipline/college.
After the conclusion of this Round of counselling on 27-08-2020, the following seats have remained unfilled
in ASCOMS, Jammu:-
S. No. Discipline OM(G) OM{M) HM NRI Total

  1. MD/MS Anatomy 2 1 0 0 3
  2. MD Microbiology 1 1 0 0 2
  3. MD Pharmocology 2 2 0 0 4
  4. MD Physiology 2 1 0 0 3
  5. MD Biochemistry 1 2 0 0 3
    Total:- 8 7 0 0 15
    In accordance with the MCI schedule, the admission will come to a close on 31st August, 2020 (upto 4.00 p.m.)
    and no admission shall be made after the cutoff date under any circumstances. The admission process shall be
    deemed to have been closed accordingly.
    All other terms and conditions shall remain the same as notified heretofore.
    This issues without prejudice to the outcome of writ petition(s), if any, pending before any competent court of law.
    Errors and Omissions Excepted.
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