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Reacting strongly to the demands by National Conference and Congress regarding restoration of Articles 370 and 35A, BJP spokesperson and Chairperson, Central Waqf Development Committee of Union Ministry of Minority Affairs, Darakhshan Andrabi said these “political extortionists were are only trying their best to re-open their closed businesses.” In a statement, Andrabi said “this Gupkar Gang” represents a conglomerate of “mafia” in the name of politics.
“All of this wailing squad is under the scanner of financial embezzlements and misappropriation of the public money and assets. Many of them are already accused of multi-crore loot of public money. This unaccounted loot and favoritism was their special status. They destroyed all the institutions of J&K. People of J&K at last got rid of these exploiters and so are they crying collectively,” said Andrabi.
She thanked people of J&K for showing courage at last to “ignore this political mafia.” Andrabi said majority of people in J&K were happy that they got freedom from these “political conspirators.”
“They are the people who turned heaven into hell; sold confusions and ruled for decades for their families and kith and kin. They converted J&K Minerals from a profiteering institution into a failure, they looted J&K Cements and made it bankrupt; they operated J&K like a family company and destroyed the working system of the only bank of J&K. They are the fathers of the corrupt systems in the UT,” Andrabi said.
She said it was NC-Congress who hollowed the special status over the years for their political benefits and now they wanted to keep the “hollow tree stand over our heads only for their political benefits.”
“They are not crying for people but for their lost paradise. They landed the people into all kinds of hell in J&K over the decades and now they are trying to be the well-wishers of the people. We have seen killings in J&K at the worst during their rules and now they are trying to show their crocodile tears to us,” she said.

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