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Srinagar 14 Aug: National Conference Senior Leader and former MLA Ganderbal Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar has said that the decision of the Govt to abolish Self Help Groups of Engineers would hit the livelihood and will left a number of engeenering people jobless.

“Thousands of unemployed Engineers are earning their bread and butter by working through SHGs and the abolition of SHGs is an assault on the livelihood of thousands of engineers involved in the construction work,” Ishfaq said in a statement.

Jabbar said that there are around 2,400 SHGs of engineers from various engineering wings, including civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, electronics and communications and computer sciences, working in Jammu and Kashmir, out of them around 1,500 are in the Kashmir valley alone.
The decision is expected to cast an impact on the livelihood of nearly 15,000 engineers working through SHGs in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Mr Jabbar the SHG scheme for engineers was introduced by in 2004 to “tap the potential and skills of unemployed engineers” and initially 20 per cent work quota was fixed in various departments for these SHGs, which was raised to 30 per cent in 2017 and said many engineers were over-aged andhence cannot apply for job anywhere.

The government move has not only hit the engineers but left their families worries too.

The Govt has promised that it will create employment for the youth and instead of generating employment to tackle the problem, the administration is promoting and incentivising unemployment, Jabbar added.

Ishfaq further said that in the crisis of the savage pandemic the youth are confronting difficulties and such a move will add torments to several adolescent in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jabbr has urged Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to order immediate withdrawal of the decision.

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