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By simple act of Donating Blood can save someone’s life, ‘Its my mission’:Suhail Dar

Neolofar Jan

Anantnag:- A South Kashmir based Freelance Photo-Journalist Suhail Dar voluntarily donated blood 20 times in his life.He Completes the mark of ‘2O’ on Tuesday when he came for a consultation with dermatologist at Associated Hospital of Government Medical Collage (GMC) Janglat Mandi Anantnag .

Suhail, A O negative type blood donor who is freelance Photo-Journalist from Batengoo area of district Anantnag is covering the South-Kashmir and contributing his work to the Local Daily ‘Waadi Kashmir’ and many News Portals.

While passing through a Blood Bank of the hospital.Suhail came to know from one of their employee in Blood Bank that they have a need of O negative blood type.
“Importance of O negative Blood group;
A person having the blood group O negative (O-) is also called universal donor.Donors with type ‘O-‘ blood have the unique power to help anyone in need of a blood transfusion.In emergency situations,Doctors don’t always have time to determine a patient’s blood type before working to save their life. In these instances doctors reach for the universal blood type i.e O-.Its estimated that Only 7% of the all donors have O- blood and is in the highest demand.O- blood is the preferred blood type for people with underdeveloped immune systems, including premature babies and cancer patients”.

‘Suhail’ skipped to attend dermatologist and entered into the blood bank of the hospital where he asked to employees to take his blood pint and was his 20th turn to donate successfully a 20th blood pint.

When this correspondent asked him, How you started a journey of donating Blood pints and saving the precious lives? suhail replied, First i received a call in 2016 from a friend who asked me for a help of arranging a one pint blood for a lady. She was undergoing through a emergency surgery in a hospital at K.P road Anantnag and was in dire need of the O- blood group. As having O negative Blood group, doctors allowed me to donate blood considering the patient’s critical condition.

“That was the first time I donated blood and a lady was saved.Till then I didn’t know that by the simple act of donating blood,I could save someone’s life.It gave me immense satisfaction.It was an accidental discovery, but it gave my life a mission, which has now became a passion,” he adds.

After the successful first donation,I continued to donate blood and saved the lives of many people in my native district and other parts of the South Kashmir.when i receives any information about a person is dire need of Blood pint.I reaches voluntarily to hospitals in a less time and saves the lives of common people.

When asked him what keeps you motivated, suhail replies: “Everyone lives life for self, but it gives immense pleasure helping the needy and bringing smiles on faces of others. I associated myself with the cause of blood donation as human blood cannot be prepared in any factory, and only a human can help a human when blood is needed”.

A renowned Dental Surgeon Dr. Tariq Yousuf from Jablipora Bijbehara congratulated Suhail Dar on donating a 20 pints of blood so far and saving the lives of Common people.He quotes, ” I am deeply touched and humbled by your kind act.Your donation can save many precious lives, Keep Continue to donate”.

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