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NEW DELHI: In India, the Ministry of Information is ready to crack down on fake journalists and fake channels.

Those who run RNI newspapers or channels will be severely punished.

Talking to reporters during video conferencing, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said that all those who were roaming around the country with press ID cards or running fake channels would immediately start an investigation into such people.

The person found guilty in this case will be arrested immediately. Further, the minister said that due to some culprits, the image of good, honest and conscientious journalists is being tarnished and their work is being hampered. Giving more information, he said that the business of distributing fake press IDs and hiring fake journalists and blackmailing in the name of press was going on all over the country. It is very important to overcome it.

In this regard, instructions have been issued to the Press Information Ministries of all the states. He further said that a journalist / correspondent can be appointed through RNI of the Government of India or through a newspaper / magazine registered with the Ministry of TV / Radio Information Broadcasting and only its editor is issued a press card. Is. Can When asked about the news portal, the journalists said in no uncertain terms that the registration of news portals on the Internet is not provided by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting and there is no news portal and news channel on cable (dis) TV. do not have. No journalist of any kind can be appointed. Nor is it illegal for anyone to issue an ID to the press, and it is certain that action will be taken against them.

“If anyone is found running an RNI portal or newspaper, then appropriate action will be taken and such person will not be forgiven at all.” Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India

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