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Mansoor Hosain Beigh

SANKOO, 15 MAY 2019:-The students of Noon Public High school Sankoo on wednesday staged a protest demonstration against the rape of a minor girl Aiman Zehra in sumbal area of north kashmir bandipora district last week.

Where in 300 hundred of students form Noon Public High school were carrying play-cards and shouting slogans
like “Punish the Guilty”, “Death to the Rapist”, “Hang the Rapist”and demanding justice for Aiman and a stern punishment to the culprit behind the act.

The protesting students march which start from school premise and went through the main market and culminated at Alamdarchowk Sankoo

While pressing that justice should be delivered in quick time to the victim a girl student said, “We hope this time justice would be given to the victim immediately.”“we will not tolerate such heinous crimes in our society,” the students said. “We demand that there should be a death sentence for such crimes.

The Protesting students demanded harshest punishment not less then death sentence to the accused involved in henious crime.

Speaking on the occasion some teachers of Noon Public High School Sankoo condemned the alleged rape of three year old, describing the incident as very shameful, heinous and blot on rich culture of Kashmir.

They had seeks exemplary punishment to the culprit, on fast track basis in order to send a strong message that such incident in the society would not go unheard, unpunished.

They Further said,that gruesome incident is a slap on the social fabric of Kashmir.

Hope that governor administration will probe the incident on a fast trial to ensure justice to three year old Aimen Zehra.

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