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Society of Dental Surgeons Monday said that the young lady who died of septic shock yesterday was not infected with Covid-19 infection at Government Dental College (GDC) Srinagar.

Dr Bilal Beigh, media in charge, Society of Dental Surgeons Kashmir told news agency KNT that the deceased lady was admitted at SMHS hospital with evident clinical complications. “On 5 May, a call was made to GDC Srinagar for examination and consultation of the said patient and she was treated as per treatment plan following Covid SOPs. The Patient was then shifted back to SMHS Hospital.”

“In SMHS hospital the patient was treated as per the ability of the doctors but unfortunately died of septic shock. Meanwhile she was also tested for Covid as per protocol which came out to be positive.”

“It is wrong to create chaos and imagine that the said lady got infected at Dental Hospital. We request all especially media to verify facts before making any story public,” the Society of Dental Surgeons said and urged upon authorities to take a strong course of action against unsurcuplous elements. KNT

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