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Pakistan: CPO Faisalabad Sohail Ahmad Shot And Killed 4 Men Who raped minor boy

Pakistan: CPO Faisalabad Sohail Ahmad Chaudhry shot and killed 4 child abusers who subjected a 5-year-old child to brutality.

As per the police, armed gunmen opened fire on police during a raid.

The raid was being carried out to arrest the two accused in a 5-year-old child’s rape case. Upon retaliation, police killed both the accused and the two who tried to sabotage the raid. The attackers have been identified as Umer and Shahbaz.

As per the police, three attackers also managed to flee the scene, while a total of 4 were killed. Since the news broke on social media, people have been all praise for the CPO. Theoretically, it is being believed that the CPO shot all 4 in a staged ‘encounter’ due to the weak justice system.

However, the police have put forth a proper theory as to why the rapists were shot dead on the spot. The police’s point of view suggests that attackers tried to free their accomplices and thus, the shootout began.

Since then, the police have been on the outlook for the accused who ran away from the scene. The other two killed were also wanted in murder, theft, dacoity, and other crimes.

According to the CPO, the attack was lodged by seven armed men in order to release two of their accomplices allegedly involved in rape and murder case.

However, the public is absolutely sure that CPO Faisalabad did not want these accusers to walk free.(Agencies)

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