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Amid the rising communal attacks against Muslims in India, a Saudi Arabian scholar has said that “militant Hindus spreading hatred and commiting crimes against Muslims should be expelled from the Gulf.”

Sheikh Abidi Zahrani has responded to this hostility against Indian Muslims by urging governments in the Middle East, especially the Gulf, to clampdown on anyone showing sympathy with extremist Hindu ideology.
Using “Send_Hindutva_Back_home” hashtag, Zahrani wrote on his Twitter handle: “I propose to all respected followers to list all militant Hindus who are working in the GCC and spreading hate against #Islam #Muslims or our beloved Prophet [Muhammad, peace be upon him] under this #hashtag #Send_Hindutva_Back_home.”

Since December 2019, thousands of Muslims were protesting against the government’s amendment in the citizenship laws; which, it combined with another government’s police, National Rrgistrar of Citizens (NRC), makes million of Muslims vulnerable. Then came coronavirus; in India, right-wing supporters have dubbed the virus as “coronajihad” and spread the allegations that the pandemic is a conspiracy by Muslims to infect and poison Hindus.

In a separate tweet he added: “Gulf States host millions of #Indians some of whom are infected #COVID__19 are treated free of charge regardless of their faith while #Hindutva #Terrorists gangs are committing crimes against #Muslims citizens.”

In response to his tweet, followers shared screenshots of individuals and groups spreading Hindu supremacist ideology known as Hinduvta from locations in the Middle East or while working for Gulf-based companies. One posted a screenshot of an Indian employee with the caption “Works in Kuwait Airlines and Hates Muslims”. The Hindu extremist had said that, “Most people infected are Mullahs whereas Hindus are living peacefully inside.”

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