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Administration refutes allegation made in Viral video

By: Hadi Hidayat

Ganderbal: Questions are raising about handling of COVID-19 patients in Ganderbal after audio of a COVID-19 patient went viral on Social media, in the audio patient complains about Lack of basic facilities and indifferent nature of adminstration towards him and other patients in COVID-19 Hospital Ganderbal.

In the audio which surfaced on social media yesterday the patient alleged that facilities in COVID-19 Hospital in Ganderbal is very poor and no body is listening to them, They are suffering, They have been left here to die.

He alleged they are being served contaminated food. Food is not being served on time, they are not given masks and basic things to remain hygienic .

“Staff in the hospital are very indifferent to us. They hardly pay visit to our room, as if we are aliens” He Says.

The patient speaking in the audio is with other 5 family member who were tested positive “My family will die here, We are male and females here and only one bathroom for both genders. There should have been seprate bathroom for male and female patients. “He said in the audio.

He also alleged that He had asked medicine for relieving symptoms like antibodies but he was rebuked for asking it.

“Staff and administration is apathatic towards us. It is better to die at home then suffering here. “says the patient in the audio.

To check the varsity of the vedio the reporter contacted patient on the phone. He acknowledged that what ever he spoked in audio is true and is his voice.

Nitizens Shared the audio and expressed serious concern about the alleged plight of patients in the hospital.

Soon after the vedio went viral district administration sent a letter to MD District Hospital Ganderbal which reads, ‘The Audio statement of the COVID-19 postive patient hospitalized in COVID-19 Hospital Ganderbal has gone viral on social media alleging that they are being maltreated. We are accordingly advised to unsure all the required facilities.

‘In the meantime you will submit detailed report to this office in the instant matter.’ Latter further says.

Speaking to the reporter the patient said “Yesterday evening a live vedio was streemed on Facebook which seemed sponsored in which it was showed that chickens are being roasted for patients. It is a joke we had finished the dinner after that a Facebook page showed chickens being roasted. But for whom?

An audio was today released in which DC Ganderbal says that All the alleagation are baseless and it is attempt to malign district administration. They are providing best facalities to COVID-19 patients.

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